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May 12, 2013 Mike 4 responses

Sex in Thailand -  If you knew nothing about Thailand and formed judgments simply by watching some Thai TV and checking out the country’s written laws about porn and prostitution, you’d think Thailand is seriously conservative when it comes to sex.  According to the law, prostitution is illegal and most porn sites are actually blocked from the countries internet providers.  And yet Thailand has a reputation for being downright filthy when it comes to sex and prostitution.  Sex-pat’s from all over the world have it marked high on their list of places to monger through.  You can’t watch more than a few hours of American television without someone making a reference to Thailand’s sex scene.  And if you visit the tourist cities you do quickly get the impression that the place is as comfortable with sex as any other place in the world.  So nobody is really fooled by the façade of conservative values you get from Thai TV and the laws; clearly Thailand is pretty forward thinking when it comes to the topic of sex.  But it’s not all just about prostitution.  Everyone is having sex in Thailand.  Gay people, straight people, expats, and vacationers – they’re all getting down.  Even Western couples who don’t normally have sex, well they at least have sex in Thailand on their honeymoon.  Thai’s seem to have the right idea about sex in general: Don’t make too big of a deal about it, don’t lie about it being a commodity, and enjoy the hell out of it.  I only wish more places had the same kind of attitude, but I also realize that there are downsides and even dangers to a society being so open about sex.  Let’s examine the entire sex scene in Thailand.


Prostitution:  It’s not a respected profession, but the “taboo” factor of this occupation in Thailand is nothing like it is in our home countries.  I liken it to an American woman in her mid twenties who wants to be a bartender.  She’ll make money and support herself and she’ll have no problems meeting friends or even boyfriends, but behind her back people will look down on it ever so slightly.   In very few situations would a girl lose her family and friends simply by going to be a prostitute.  And since it’s not as frowned upon as perhaps it should be, it becomes an easy way out for a lot of 18 year old girls who have low income jobs in the middle of nowhere.  To them it can be a more exciting life and they can make 5X as much money.  Of course there’s a certain degree of laziness that enters the picture in a decision like that, since they could also find their way to a university and go that route if they put in some work.

Having sex for money in Thailand is technically illegal, but come on…that law only gets brought up when a brothel forgets to pay their “taxes.”  The thing some people don’t realize is that more prostitution transactions occur between Thai’s than between Thai’s and foreigners.  If not a single Westerner came to Thailand to have sex with prostitutes, Thailand’s sex industry would still be alive in kicking in the non-touristy areas of the country.  So in that respect, knowing that you can sell sex for money without heavy consequences is just engrained into the society.  Sex is a commodity everywhere; Thailand is just more open about it being so.

Virgins:  Thailand has a lot of virgins, go figure.  In a society where prostitution is rampant you’ll find more 18-20 year old virgins than you ever would in the U.S.  I’m guessing here, but I’d say it’s 5 to 1!   See while sex not being such a big deal in Thailand might lead to more girls deciding to become prostitutes, it also leads a lot of girls not to get pressured into doing it the minute they hit high school, or getting out of control with it in college.   In the U.S. sex is just such a massive thing to young people and being a slutty teenager in college is almost like a rite of passage.  Girls are having sex with many partners because they think that’s what college is all about.  And in high school and they want to be popular and accepted and having sex can help with that.  Fortunately they don’t give a crap about any of that nonsense as much in Thailand.  Many of the girls will have sex when they’re ready! 


Sex Drive in Thailand:  As I said I think one of the main differences with sex in Thailand compared to our home countries is that usually the women do it for enjoyment.  In the U.S. it is too often used as a weapon and for positioning.  To me paying a flat fee is even more fair than that.  Perhaps this ties into the amazing sex drive of Thai’s, since they’re doing it for the right reasons.  Or maybe it’s the weather; your guess is as good as mine. Whatever the reason is, you won’t find many who would dare to disagree about this topic.  Thai women have very healthy sex drives and it’s as simple as that.  I think the biggest discrepancy here is amongst married couples where in the U.S. it’s common for married couples to go months without having sex.  It’s a night and day difference in Thailand, thank goodness!


Not so Cheap Sex:  OK, so not everything is perfect with Thai sex.  There are plenty of instances where a foreigner visits the country and immediately falls in love with a girl who is giving him the best sex of his life.  Soon after she takes him to the cleaners and before he knows what hit him, he’s left with a huge hole in his pocket and his heart.  So sex is used as a weapon in certain situations, and when it is things can get dangerous. 


STD’s:  Sticking with the “everything is not perfect” theme you can’t talk about sex in Thailand without mentioning STD’s.  They’re here, they’re not all queer, and they like company.   It’s important to get a good perspective on things without falling into the hysteria involved with STD’s.  You can enjoy a healthy sex life with many partners as long as you’re careful.  But if you’re not careful you’ll likely pay some sort of price at some point.  Of course that price is probably more along the lines of a bad week or a bad month than anything else.  Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are easy to catch and are especially prevalent among prostitution centers.  Warts and HPV bounce around pretty easily too.  With this type of stuff, it’s easy to catch but it’s easy to cure.  That doesn’t mean it’s fun to have a bout with Gonorrhea; you’ll think differently about safe sex forever if you do.  But none of this warrants you becoming suicidal and searching google for 10 hours while you write your goodbyes, all for one unprotected sexual encounter in Thailand.  The fact of the matter is HIV/Aids is really tough to get if you have straight vaginal sex.   It’s not impossible to get it though, and since it’s so easy to catch the other stuff, you have to use condoms until you and your gf both get tested and pass with flying colors.  IT’s very easy and affordable to get tested in Thailand, so don’t be a pu**sy!

HIV and Aids exists in Thailand and more people have it percentage-wise than in the U.K. or the U.S.   But it’s still a very small percentage!  HIV and Aids are not a gay thing, but studies show that they are kind of an “ass sex” thing.  Meaning that you’re at least 10X more likely to contract it from anal sex!  Now gays do have more anal sex than straight people for obvious reasons and Thailand does have a large gay population.  A healthy immune system can help the cause, but not having unprotected anal sex is the main issue.  Again, you can get HIV from straight sex, and that’s a good reason to use a condom.  However it’s not easy enough to catch it that way to make it worth killing yourself if you make one mistake.  This is too common and I’ve had to talk people down from the proverbial ledge on more than one occasion. 


Gay sex:  Definitely a good amount of gay sex going on in Thailand, good for them.  Also, there are definitely some closeted Western gay men who come to Thailand to let loose, good for them too.  The Thai’s are also a little forward thinking when it comes to gay and trans-gender.  I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass what other people do in their bedrooms.  I realize some relgions frown upon it and I respect the right someone has to follow their faith.  So it’s fine if some folks don’t agree with it, but I don’t see any reason why they have the right to do anything about it.  The U.S. has come a long way with this in the last decade, but it still has catching up to do vs. Thailand, where ladyboys and gay people really don’t seem to think twice about being who they want to be. 


Porn:  This is a no-no here, meaning that you can’t make porn legally.  I heard one guy who made a fortune online making porn’s with Thai bar girls got busted and had hell to pay to get his freedom.   And while watching porn is fine, they actually block most of the porn sites so you can’t view them unless you have a special IP spoofer, like Hide My ASs (banner on the right).




Mike is from the U.S. and has lived in Pattaya for 5 years. He left a job at a web design firm to become a traveling freelance writer/web designer. Mike has more than a decade of experience as a professional writer and as a web designer. He was married and divorced before leaving the U.S., and has vowed never to marry again. He loves Pattaya, Thailand, business, and women. Mike isn’t shy about sharing his experiences and his knowledge with anyone and everyone. He has a unique point of view that can easily be appreciated and he puts great effort into writing well thought out, helpful, and factual articles and posts. Catch up with him on Google +

4 Responses to Sex in Thailand | Thai sex

  • Margus says:

    Hi Mike, interesting post.

    About Hide My Ass – they won’t cover your ass. Their name is just misleading. They log your activity. There are incidents where they turned over all logs to authorities.

    I personally don’t care about the logs because I don’t do anything illegal but I use VPN because of unsecured wifis in cafes and hotels.

    I also heard about a scam where two policeman knock on your door and accuse you of visiting illegal sites with a fake printed out log to extort money. I recommend for VPN, they don’t keep logs.

    • Mike says:

      Hi, covering your identity is a whole different story, I agree. But as far as being able to visit sites that are blocked, hidemyass does work well for that.

  • Ian Martin says:

    Annoying lack of knowledge of English grammar in this article but useful , please learn about the use of apostrophes



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