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pattaya barsIn some cities you have the option of going bar hopping as long as there are enough good bars within a short distance. In Pattaya, you can’t help but bar hop because the city is essentially one big complex of bars. Pattaya has roughly 1,200 bars to choose from, which is really mind-blowing considering the small space they’re packed within. There’s just no way to comprehend how flooded with bars the city is without seeing it with your own eyes. And with so many bars competing with each other you see many come and go over the course of time. It’s impossible and illogical to try and keep up with them all. I thought about having a list of my favorites, but I’ve seen a couple that I like go out of business just this month! So rather than give you a random list of names; it’ll be much more prudent to give you a layout with generalities from groups of bars within categories of bars. I’ll also give some tips to keep in mind. This will help you to have a really good feel for where the action is. GoGo’s don’t count as bars for the purposes of this article.


Ten Pattaya Bar Tips:

1) My advice for going out and hitting the bars is to be very picky. The open air bars usually don’t have the hottest bar girls, but many have a couple of cute girls. The nice thing is that you can see exactly what is going on before you even step foot in most of these places. Depending on where in the city you are you can see a few hundred girls in a 5-10 minute walk. It’s worth it to take that walk so you can really scout the scene and the talent. So don’t sit at the first bar with the first semi-cute girl you see; scout it out until you lay your eyes on a girl you would LOVE to have drinks with.

2) Only buy drinks for one bar girl at an open air bar at a time. Some of these bars don’t get a lot of customers and even if you make it clear that you’re only interested in one girl, others may try to get money out of you by asking for a drink. You can’t make everyone happy and it’s ridiculous that the girls do this. Simply say that you’re a one woman kind of guy and stick to buying drinks only for the girl you’re interested in.

3) Bar fines at open air bars are usually 300 baht. The girls are normally reasonable about rates, something like in the low 1,000 baht range depending. IF a bar girl says 3,000 baht you can tell her that you thought you were at a bar, not a high end Gogo.

4) The large open air complexes feature many bars in one small area. It kind of looks like one giant bar, but some have around 25 little bars operating independently. Some are owned by Thai’s but some unfortunate foreigners have also given the bar business a shot here.

5) At the brothel bars it’s very rarely a “pick your girl” experience. It can be and it should be like that, but more often than not a girl who works at one of these establishments will consume your space and try to make you THEIR customer. Don’t accept this, and pick the girl you want to spend your time with. Be nice about it and always smile; but you’re entitled to pick the girl and you should.

6) Usually the brothel bars charge 300 for a room and the girl charges 1,000 for ST.

7) Some bars do HIV testing for the girls every month; most pretend to and don’t.

8) There are plenty of “For Thai” bars around town that cater to Thai’s. In other cities in Thailand I love places like this, but in Pattaya it’s a lost cause. The Thai’s just assume that every “farang” in Pattaya is a whore mongering rich idiot, so there’s no point in going.

9) There are some good Irish Pubs in town with some international beers, blazing AC, and very good food. They’re not cheap and they have no working girls, but sometimes you just need that “back home experience.”

10) There’s also a few upscale bars in town that are good for a business meeting….I really can’t think of another reason to go to them but I get stuck going sometimes. These can be found at the nicer hotels in town.

Open Air Bar Complexes

Walking Street - Walking Street has several open air bar complexes to choose from. The first one is near the beach side entrance of Walking Street and has some of the best talent of any open air bar complex you’ll ever see. It’s a large complex because it goes all the way back to the edge over the water. I would estimate there are about 250 bar girls here and they do charge to use the bathroom. Since most open air bar complexes have a few 7’s and mostly 5’s, this place is one of the best because it always has a lot of cute girls. The bar girls are loud, the music is loud, and there’s a ton of guys to compete with in there on most nights. It also gets very hot because of all of the lights. Many of the other open air complexes struggle for customers while this one is always packed, so this attracts the pretty girls, but it also means that the prices are slightly higher here. There are a few other ones down Walking Street, and one behind Walking Street. These are more typical where the girls appreciate you, the prices are good, and the talent is mediocre.

Jomtien - Jomtien has a big open air bar complex but it’s a bit far from the beach on the opposite side of Thappraya Rd. They get a lot of customers in, especially for the bars up front and during busy season. But there’s some decent talent in those bars.

Soi Buakhao – Soi Buakhao has 2 relatively new open air bar complexes and a string of them that connect you to 2nd road. The new complexes are struggling for customers and it’s kind of a shame because they’re nice. One of them is actually a beautiful place with a GoGo downstairs called Rehab. The problem is that whoever built these two must have overshot with their expectations because they just can’t bring in enough customers to justify the space and the quality girls have mostly dispersed due to this. I hope they experience a rebirth and if that happens I’ll be glad to report it. But as of now there isn’t much of a reason to go to them. Now the older complexes heading north a bit between Buakhao and 2nd road; those are very popular. There’s a mostly older fun crowd of guys hanging out there and there’s a lot of girls to choose from, but you won’t find any lookers.

Beach Road- From Walking Street and heading North along the beach, you will see a few open air complexes, one that’s actually directly next to Walking Street. They tend to be a bit rowdy and a few bars operating among them are open and kicking during the day on weekends. Girls are about what you’d expect, always a couple of cute ones and mostly 5’s.

2nd Road- There’s a handful on 2nd road starting near Central and going all the way down through to Naklua. A decent amount of these are foreign owned, especially in Naklua. There is no reason to go out of your way to go to these places, but they usually work for convenience if you’re staying near one. I have noticed some lady boys operating in some of these, and not the most obvious ones either, so be alert.

Brothel Bars

Soi 6 - It’s just one large strip of brothels that opens a little after noon and closes around midnight. You can barfine the girls if it’s close to closing time, and before then it’s all about short time’s in the rooms upstairs. The best thing about Soi 6 is how easy it is to get the job done. No stunners, but as long as you stick to the rules above (being picky), you’ll find someone decent. Some of the bars are actually quite comfortable and you’re more than welcome to hang out with the girl before and/or after at the bar as long as you’re buying drinks.

Jomtien – Off of the beach some of the soy’s have brothel bars with short time rooms available very nearby. I’ve had good success at some of these places for whatever reason. One time I pulled a very pretty girl (8.5) out of one of the bars and I asked her why she works there when it was obvious she could get a job anywhere. She liked that it’s not crowded and she gets a salary for an easy night’s work, and most nights she just goes to Insomnia or Lucifer after the bar closes to find a customer that way.

Near Beach Road There are many streets connecting beach road and 2nd road and some have massage parlors, while others have a few brother bars. Soi 6 is North by a good amount, but South of Soy 6 there are more than a few bars with ladies on the streets between the beach and 2nd.


Other Types:

There are a few bars that don’t fit exactly into a category. I didn’t include coyote bars because I’m going to save that for another article. There’s also a few nice air conditioned bars that have available ladies, such as Tim’s Bar on 2nd road near The Avenue Mall, and Buffalo Bar on 3rd road. Lastly there are some gentleman’s clubs and some high end brothel bars, like Kinnaree.



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Mike is from the U.S. and has lived in Pattaya for 5 years. He left a job at a web design firm to become a traveling freelance writer/web designer. Mike has more than a decade of experience as a professional writer and as a web designer. He was married and divorced before leaving the U.S., and has vowed never to marry again. He loves Pattaya, Thailand, business, and women. Mike isn’t shy about sharing his experiences and his knowledge with anyone and everyone. He has a unique point of view that can easily be appreciated and he puts great effort into writing well thought out, helpful, and factual articles and posts. Catch up with him on Google +



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