Dating Websites Thailand; The best sites and how to operate on them

February 15, 2013 Mike 7 responses

Online Dating in Thailand is the easiest way you can go about meeting lots of good Thai girls.  If you don’t live in Thailand, it’s really the only way to set up dates with good quality girls in advance.  And if you live in Thailand, it’s by far the easiest way to meet a high volume of women in a short amount of time.  It’s not all fun and games though and like anything else the more informed you are about it the more you’ll get out of it.   The guys that go in cold get their asses handed to them and the guys who know what they’re doing absolutely kill it on these dating sites.  Here are step by step instructions to get you started:


1) Pick either of the following sites or a combination.

There are a handful of others out there but these are the big two for Thailand.  They have the most Thai girls by far and the resources to at least help with cracking down on fake girls.   Should I break down the differences between these three sites?  Well they're pretty much the same.  They link you to hundreds of thousands of Thai girls.  You can browse for free on all of them, but if you want to really make things happen then you'll eventually pay a reasonable monthly or annual fee, nothing that makes a dent.  You can only get so far on these or other sites for free.  If you are serious about looking for someone special or you want to line up as many dates as you can, I recommend having a paid account with either or both of the following:


A) - Thai Dating, Singles and Personals


 B) Thai Friendly













Most of the Thai Dating sites out there that claim to be free are only free to a point, and eventually you really don't get much out of them unless you pay. So if you're not ready to spend money on the process yet, consider, which is actually 100% free and has no upsells.



2) Make your profile

This can actually take about a half hour, so make sure you have some time set aside to do this.  Don’t get carried away with your descriptions and your answers to all of the fill in questions – it’s not likely the girls you’re interested in will be able to really read and comprehend all of the English anyway.  The bottom line is your pictures are what counts here.  The rule of thumb is to use the best pictures of yourself that you have that are not more than a few years old and that at least resemble you.  You want to put your best foot forward with the pictures but not at a cost of not even looking remotely like the pictures.  Although it’s true that a lot of Thai girls don’t care about looks or age as much as some other girls, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be disappointed if your pictures are an outright fraud, and disappointment is not a great way to get a relationship going.

Make sure you complete your profile just to show that you’re serious, and keep in mind that the only thing Thai girls may sort through other than your pictures is your marital status and whether or not you live in Thailand or visit frequently.


3) Never send any girls any money and avoid the wrong type of girls when you operate on these sites

Watch out for scammers and girls who are too good to be true.  The two sites listed above are the best out there for booting fake profiles, but it’s not possible for them to catch every skank or ladyboy.  There are a ton of bad girls on these sites and there are some good girls on these sites, similar to real life.  As long as you use common sense and good judgment you can save yourself from wasting time.  The more time you spend connecting with real girls the more success you’re going to have, so it is critical to avoid every trap girl.


Description of Every Possible Girl You’ll Find on the Thai Dating Sites and How to Handle Them

A) Egregious Scammer The worst kind out there is the complete fake, and thanks to Skype video these are easy to avoid.  Basically someone will set up a profile using pictures of a pretty girl they don’t even know and they will engage in conversations with men until they are able to catch a good one.  They are willing to talk on the phone for hours and hours with any potential targets.  Once they feel they are in control they will come up with excuses for needing emergency money and will ask for Western Unions.  Some of you may think this scam must be impossible because nobody could be that stupid.  But do not underestimate how much loneliness and the idea of love can impact one’s decisions.  These scammers wouldn’t exist at all if they didn’t clean up on a few marks every now and again.  You can eliminate the threat from this type by knowing when pictures are too good to be true and by insisting firmly on a Skype video chat before getting too far with any type of email messages or instant messages.  If a girl says she doesn’t have Skype then tell her to go to an internet café and make an account, it’s free.  IF she can’t handle that you run for the hills PERIOD.

B) Scammer – These are the scariest type out there - Real girls, usually very pretty, who have no intention of ever meeting you or seeing you in person, and just put on an act and try to get as much money from you through Western Unions as they can until you are out of money or you figure out that you’re being scammed.  They have no shame and they are probably married to a guy who is fully aware of the scams and probably even gave her the idea to do them in the first place. The scary thing here is that the pretty girl, perhaps very pretty, will get on Skype Video with you and since they have no shame whatsoever, they will say all sorts of crazy things to make you fall for them.   There are other bad girls out there who I’ll address below who don’t have good intentions either, but at least they’re willing to meet you in person and probably bang at some point.  But the true scammer who would never actually meet you wouldn’t care if you died and they are probably working several marks at one time.  Obviously you never send any girl money for any reason, period.  And if you follow that mantra you can limit the damage a girl like this can do simply to time and emotional damage, and at least not financial damage. But you can avoid dealing with these girls all together by using a little common sense.  You should always make it clear from the beginning that your intention is just to talk a bit on IM, then on Skype and then to meet.  IF the girl believes you are only willing to talk for so long before actually meeting, the scammer will know you’re not a good target.  So talk about potential dates or months when you guys can meet up pretty early on, and if she doesn’t want to commit to a friendly public encounter after talking for a few hours then you run for the hills.  Because even if it’s not a scammer, it’s not a good sign if the girl doesn’t want to make plans to meet after you talk a handful of times.

C) Liar-  Ok so most girls lie, but I’m talking specifically about girls who are willing to lie about hugely important details about themselves in an effort to woo  you.  These girls may actually be looking for a boyfriend but do not think about how unfair it is for them to misrepresent themselves.  Girls might lie about their occupation, whether or not they were married in the past, whether or not they have children, whether they have been with foreign men in the past, etc.  Many Thai girls don’t think much of lying to foreign men; they don’t even think it’s morally wrong as long as they’re lying to you in English.  Finding out the girl you’ve been talking to for a few months has been lying about nearly everything is a rough thing to go through.  These lies might continue even after you meet them in person and for as long as they can keep the lies going.  The best way to defend yourself from a near pathological liar is to assume that every girl is lying until she proves otherwise.  Don’t get emotionally attached to any girl until you’re sure of who she is.  Do not get carried away talking to a girl every night for hours who you’ve never met before.  If you meet a nice pretty girl online it’s fine to get to know her a bit on Skype video and see where it goes, but don’t waste a lot of time or emotions on someone you don’t really know.  The goal is that if you eventually come to find out a girl you met online has been lying about everything you can easily say to yourself, “Oh well, it was fun banging her the few times I did and making her do some crazy stuff on Skype video the few times that happened.  Who’s next?”

D) Prostitute-  I’m not talking about girls who are looking to line up short time dates for money online; these sites don’t have a lot of that going on.  I’m talking more about actual prostitutes who use dating sites for fun, to meet boyfriends, or to meet long term clients.  So a prostitute is always going to be a liar as well, but there’s a little bit of a distinction.  IF they are looking for a boyfriend and just happen to be a prostitute in the time being they are obviously going to lie about their profession, so that would make them a liar as described above.  But, some prostitutes might just be looking to line up long term customers and sponsors on these sites.   In case you didn’t know “sponsor” is the name they call it when they find a man stupid enough to send them money every month while they lie about everything, stack multiple sponsors if they can, and continue to hook.  The difference here from some other mere liars is that they’re not willing to waste a lot of their own time, which at least means that you won’t waste a lot of yours.

E) Gold Digger  - So we’re working our way up the list, and I have to say that gold diggers aren’t even that bad.  Afterall every girl has a little bit of gold digger in them anyhow.  But they’re bad enough to avoid seeking a real relationship with obviously.  You’ll know a girl is a gold digger if she’s asking a lot of questions where your answers will indicate your financial means.  A gold digger might be ok with you not sending money to them every month; they might just be looking for a boyfriend to take care of them.  The crime here is that they will not give a flying F about your personality, whether you have chemistry, or whether they’re attracted to you.  It wouldn’t matter who you were, they will pretty much be willing to settle down with anyone who is willing to support them and most likely their immediate family as well.  This is like rent a wife; she might be loyal to you and cook and clean and the whole nine, but it’s never going to be a fulfilling loving relationship.  IF you know you’re talking to a gold digger you can meet and bang, and just bail before actually spending any real money.  Basically if you don’t have a weak heart its ok to play the game with gold diggers, just don’t let the game play you.

F) Annoying GirlsThere are some girls online who just love playing the online game.  They like seeing so many guys interested in them and they like all of the attention. They can even get addicted to it because it seemingly removes all loneliness from their life.  They might have delusions about meeting a white night, and they might be willing to entertain chats with a lot of guys while they wait for the white night to come around.  These bitc*’s waste your time.  It could be worse, and I don’t think they’re bad people; they certainly don’t have bad intentions.  They’re just annoying.  You know you’re dealing with a game player if she specifically waits a day to get back to you and is very sporadic about having chats with you and doesn’t want to approach the topic of meeting.  You can flip a girl around like this by playing her game better than she does; you can wait even longer to get back to her and you can tell her about a lovely girl you met online who you have plans to meet.  IT might backfire, but you have nothing to lose with an annoying girl anyhow – and you might just make her jealous enough to actually gain control of the situation, if you even want to.

G) Good GirlsSo with all of the checkered girls discussed above, please do not let that discourage you – there are thousands of great girls online right at this moment in Thailand looking to meet a nice man and wanting nothing more than to fall in love.  It’s obviously not a huge % of the girls online, but there’s not a high % of good girls in any online site or bar or club in any city in any country in the world.  You have to take the good with the bad; and if you have the right mentality you’ll hit on a lot more good seeds than bad when you’re operating online by knowing who to avoid.  The bad types listed above will stick out like a sore thumb in many situations.


Some More Tips for Being Cautious 

-IF a girl sounds too good to be true she is.  A hot model doesn’t need to go on these sites and it’s as simple as that.  However many real girls do pay to have some professional photos taken of themselves, so don’t rule out a girl simply because she has a professional picture.  Take a second look, is the girl really a model?  If so move on.  If she’s just a cute girl posing for a picture she probably paid a professional to take then it’s fine.

- Some matchmaking agencies put their girls on the sites and type for them to try and get interest.  This is really annoying and you should move on.   If a girl’s written English is very good you should ask a lot of questions about why that is.

-Beware of ladyboys.  Ask if you’re even the least bit skeptical, or don’t and just run.


4) Engaging With Girls:

1) Be different:  I did a test on one of the big sites by putting up a cute girl’s profile for her and seeing what happened.  She’s a real girl who I know that wanted to have a profile and I was curious so I set it up with her.  I sat back and once her pictures were approved nearly 30 guys attempted to get her attention within 48 hours.   Everyone is putting their best pictures up so if you want to stand out you have to be different.

2) Be unintimidating:  Always say you just want to be friends and when you meet you should make plans to meet in a very public place doing something like grabbing a coffee or taking a walk in a well populated nice place.

3) Don’t try to impress them by saying you have money or a lot of expensive toys.  A lot of these girls think any foreign man is wealthy anyhow, and you might just be turning a non-gold digger into a gold digger if you have that type of attitude with her.  It just does nothing good for you.

4) Use Google Translate and make sure the girls you talk to know how to use it as well.

5) The first goal of talking to a girl is to get her to jump on Skype.  The only exception is if you live in Thailand and are talking to a girl who lives near you, in this case you might as well just try to meet in person after a few chats.

6) Don’t talk about sex with a girl unless she brings it up, and if she brings it up then lower your expectations on just how good of a girl she is.

7) Don’t go overboard with the sites unless you live in Thailand, are currently vacationing in Thailand, or are at least going to be in Thailand in the near future.  It just doesn’t make a lot of sense any other way.  It’s not worth it to go to Thailand just to meet a girl you started talking to on the internet. There are too many girls in Thailand and it’s too expensive to travel to risk so much.  If you already have a flight booked then it’s fine to plan a date or a meeting, but don’t plan a trip around one girl, EVER.

8) Just as you wouldn’t mind talking to two cute girls you meet online, even a good girl won’t mind doing the same.  So understand that there is no such thing as internet dating monogamy.

9) The less English a girl speaks the more annoying it is to communicate, BUT it also means she’s probably never been with foreign men so it’s not a bad thing.  It’s worth dealing with it.  Draw pictures with each other and use Google translate.

10) Don’t curse.  These girls don’t like it, trust me.  So be nice to them, don’t over compliment them, and don’t talk to them like they’re a sailor.



Mike is from the U.S. and has lived in Pattaya for 5 years. He left a job at a web design firm to become a traveling freelance writer/web designer. Mike has more than a decade of experience as a professional writer and as a web designer. He was married and divorced before leaving the U.S., and has vowed never to marry again. He loves Pattaya, Thailand, business, and women. Mike isn’t shy about sharing his experiences and his knowledge with anyone and everyone. He has a unique point of view that can easily be appreciated and he puts great effort into writing well thought out, helpful, and factual articles and posts. Catch up with him on Google +

7 Responses to Dating Websites Thailand; The best sites and how to operate on them

  • Mike says:

    i’d like to review the site if you’d allow. email at thanks

  • yes, They can even get hooked in to it as a result of it apparently removes all loneliness from their life. they could have delusions regarding meeting a white night, and that they may well be willing to entertain chats with plenty of fellows whereas they stay up for the white night to come back around. These bitc*

  • Jim says:

    I recently put up a profile on and the response has been considerable. The weird thing is that right off the bat, a lot of these women are asking for my private email or wanting me to go to Yahoo Messenger to exchange photo and continue the chat! What’s up with that? This seems weird to me and I don’t cooperate with these requests. I’m sticking with communicating with a few women who don’t do English very well but they aren’t trying to lure me off to someplace else either.

    • Mike says:

      hey Jim, make sure you dictate the terms. It’s good to chat elsewhere, but you tell them you want to talk on skype or facebook messenger and let them comply with that. scammers are less likely to comply

      • Jim says:

        Yes I’ve discovered that. As soon as I let them know I’m willing to share private email info once I see that our communications are serious…a lot of these women magically disappear!! I mean like Casper the Ghost…GONE!! LOL

        On a serious note however, I’d say that for every 8 to 10 women who contact me, maybe 1 or 2 seems legit! Just my personal observation. It’s almost not worth my time, but I remind myself that if I can find one gem out of all the fake on there before my trip to Thailand, then its worth it!!

        Thanks for your imput Mike…

  • Billy says:

    Numbers 7 & 9 are the truest.

    Good write up Mike.

    I met an ex-gf on there from Khon Kaen, lovely lady and I had a great time with her, she ended up working in Bkk (office girl) and then changed jobs and it seemed her job was more important than me to her, I ended the relationship but I still wish her well and in some ways I wish I had tried to see it out. Mai pen rai !

    Now talking with a lovely lady that works for an electronics company and seems to be ok so far, will meet her at xmas/new year.

    One thing I will say about Thaicupid (ex-ThaiLoveLinks) is there are so many African scammers on there now, be VERY wary of them, I can weed them out almost instantly but I guess the less aware could be caught out. Let’s face it, no Thai girl would go to work in Africa!

    • Mike says:

      thanks for the comment Billy. The scammers wouldn’t be there if they didn’t find the occasional sucker, so it’s always worth being cautious.

      Glad to see you’re doing well with the sites!



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