Bankok Soapy Massage and Dirty Massage Guide

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There are roughly 80 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok, which can be a little overwhelming if you’re looking for a starting point.  So for this article, I’m going to narrow it down to the top 5, which should make things a lot easier for you.   And I will follow that with some info about some good happy ending massage parlors.  The guide will be good enough for you to get by, that much is for sure! 

 Bangkok Soapy Massage

There are two types of girls you want to focus on at the soapy’s.  There are the fishbowlers sitting behind a glass window in a separate room or section. Then there are the Sideliners that are lounging out in the open. Depending on the establishment some sideliners can be former Thai models and may be in a VIP area upstairs or in another room. The obvious main difference between these two is going to be looks and –you guessed it- price.  Sometimes the hotter sideliners and “models” will not offer a bath or massage for some reason (Maybe it’s a class thing?).  You need to ask the mamasan/papasan to make sure. The other thing is that sideliners/models have more freedom to come and go as they please.  

Going VIP in a Soapy massage parlor in Bangkok is not cheap, but the establishments save all of their best girls for VIP.  IF you’re vacationing I recommend it as a “try it once” type of thing.  

Some girls are relatively new and you could ask the mamasan/papasan for one that hasn’t been working long. The less visited places will probably provide the better chance of finding a girl like this. Also ask the mamasan/papasan if you want something special, like taking two girls at the same time.  

The best time to arrive is around 6-8 p.m. on weekends because that’s when most of the hot girls start to arrive.  If you go too late all the hot girls will already be taken, or you’ll be getting sloppy seconds. If you go too early, the better looking girls won’t be there because customers usually come in the evenings and that’s when most the girls will be there.


Here are the Top 5 Soapy Massage Parlors in Bangkok…



This place is probably my favorite soapy in Bangkok.  It’s classy and not as in your face as other soapy’s and its facilities are great.  The classic European style architecture of the building itself is really nice.  It’s 2500-6000 depending on the girl you choose.Some girls here  are lounging on couches which is cool because it creates a more intimate setting where you can get up close and personal and tones down the sleaze factor.  It’s on Asok Road right next to MRT subway station called Phra Ram 9. You can’t miss it.  It’s on the corner with a neon sign shaped like a windmill. A lot of the girls here are taller with fair skin because the place seems to cater to wealthy Thais, so the girls are a bit more expensive.  I suggest going here around 6 p.m. and taking your time.  Have some food at the restaurant and enjoy some live music in the lounge while you choose.  It’s opposite the Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel if you manage and/or decide to invite a sideline girl to your room for extra or special services.  Guests are allowed.

Address: 333, Asok-Din Daeng, MRT Phra Ram 9 (Rama IX / Din Daeng Intersection)

Telephone: 0-2642-0801 — 9


Colonze 2

Located on Rathadaphisek Soi 7. The nearest public transport is the Huay Khwang subway station.  As you walk in, there is a large fishbowl selection of about 25 girls sitting on stairs, with sideliners to the left of them.  The rooms have double beds, a sofa, and a big bathtub.  The fishbowlers are 2000 baht, but sideliners  go for about 2500. The best thing about this place is the girls are all pretty young around 20 years old. There is another area upstairs that has “models” for 3000+.  Colonze 2 has the hottest and most expensive soapy girls of all the places I am listing.  Some of the models can cost you 10,000-30,000+++! You can ask the mamasan if you’re interested.  There is obviously an option to splurge heavily at this place.  If you want the hottest girl you can find and don’t mind spending a bit then Colonze might be your cup of tea. 

Address: Ratchadaphisek Road Soi 7

Telephone: 022746471



This place is a gem and many people say it’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to soapy’s in Bangkok.  It’s located on Ratchdaphisek Road near the Huay Khwang subway station.  There are two massage venues, but choose the one on the right when facing them if you want a soapy.  The rooms are well equipped with a bathtub big enough for two, a sofa, and a big comfortable bed.  There are only about 6 or 7 girls in the fishbowl and they cost 2000, but the sideliners will run you about 2500.  The best thing about this place is there HUGE selection of girls.  There must be 60+++ sideline girls to choose from!  Talk to the papasan if you have any special requests, like a girl who speaks English for example.  There are two papasans and they are surprisingly helpful and friendly; they are open and willing to assist you.

Address: 167/17-20 Ratchadaphisek Road

Telephone: 026929144



At first glance it seems a bit run down, but the rooms are actually nice. It’s a big place and looks kind of like a restaurant.  There is a small fishbowl on the right as you enter.  All of the girls here are fishbowlers (about 60 + of them! But the selection is better at Nataree).  Unfortunately, there are no sideliners.  But the good thing about this is the price is lower than most.  Girls sitting on the right side are 1700/1800 for 1.5 hours and girls on the left are 2100-2300. Though it’s a bit cheaper, the selection is not as good as the previously mentioned places.  Catherine’s caters mostly to local Thais and most foreigners don’t go out of their way to go here.  If you can speak Thai and want to save a few bucks, this place is a great option.  You can get lucky at this place if you find a cute darker skin girl there, because it feels like they put a price on whiter skin there.  

Address: 341 Rama 9 Road Bangkapi Huay Kwang

Telephone: 02-7196 6724



This place is probably the most famous and well known soapy massage joint in Bangkok, maybe because of its catchy name and theme, but the bad thing is that they charge an extra 1000 for foreigners, girls are very used and may not be as fun as a less visited parlor. With that said, the best thing about Poseidon is that it’s  it’s a reliable and trusted establishment.  The soapy section is located on the 2nd floor up a winding staircase. Costs range from 2000-2600 for 2 hours depending on quality such as age and looks.  Sideliners/models are found on the 3rd floor. Sideliners cost around 2800-5500 THB for 1.5 hours. There are also so called “models” that cost from 3000-6000 for 1 hour.  You may have to book in advance for the “models”.  The rooms here are for 300-400 baht and are decorated in various themes, like African, Egyptian, Greek, Victorian, etc.  They also have a restaurant serving international cuisine and big and small karaoke rooms.  You’ll certainly have an indulgent and entertaining evening there!

Address: 209 Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng

Telephone: 0-2693-8222


Happy Ending Massage, ( No Soapy, AKA “Ol’ Fashions” )

Happy ending massage parlors are ubiquitous in Bangkok.  I didn’t review any of them specifically because they are a dime a dozen, and there is too much of a turnover with the employees to maintain any kind of consistency.   Remember that they usually offer hj, bj, and full service in a small little massage room, often in a row.  If this is what you want, you won’t have trouble finding one.  You just need to go to the right areas.  If you read my article on Bangkok Bars already, you know where the pay for play scene is.  For happy ending massage, you’ll find the same areas I mentioned for freelancers lined with massage parlors that will offer special services, especially the Sukhumvit area.  Check out Sukhumvit Soi 18 and Soi 22, there are a bunch of establishments charging 150-200 baht for Thai massage and 250-400 for oil.  It’s usually 500 more if you ask for a special massage (HJ).

The thing is, your going to end up paying 800 for an HJ massage, and if you can negotiate it, maybe 1000 for a BJ massage, and maybe 1200 for a massage and sex.  At this point it makes more sense to just get a soapy, provided you have the extra hour.  It’s a much more pleasing experience.  The girls at the soapy’s are 100% prepared to go all the way with you and if you’re in Bangkok this is the best option.  Bangkok is famous in the eyes of men for its soapy scene.  It’s the best place in the world to get one, and if you are only in Bangkok for a short time or only plan on getting a dirty massage once in a while, you should do it big and get a soapy.


Some Other Soapy/Dirty Massage Parlors Worth Checking Out:




Dream heaven


Pink massage

Pimporn massage

Friends barber and massage

Nirvana massage

Luxury massage and spa

Mango massage

Viva Palace


Check out these places if you want to experience something a bit different:    





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