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Viagra Girl EscortsAs prices for the hotter girls in the GoGo’s have been going up, the high end Bangkok Escort Service is becoming more and more practical.  I came across this site while writing over at LivingThai.  They have the best roster of talent and their service is 100% pro.  By this I mean they are very responsive in the office and that their girls are extremely eager to please.  This is a different experience from what you get when you hit the town in search of a lady of the night.  Don’t get me wrong, there are nights when I’m in the mood to go hunt.   But there are also nights when having a hot girl come to my room and happily do anything I can imagine is a dream come true.

So here is how it works.  You go to their site and you pick out a girl.   If it’s 9PM on a Friday night be sure to pick a backup or two just in case your first choice is working.  Then give them a call and as long as your hotel or condo is in Bangkok, the girl will be there quickly and within an hour worst case if she’s available.  She’ll stay with you for a full 2 hours in which case you can do what you need to do TWICE for 5,000 baht.  Now that might sound expensive compared to a bg charging you 1,500, but let me explain why it’s worth it.

1) Quality -  They have some hot girls, no question about it.  No way can you find girls like that in a bar.  Some of the best GoGo’s and Coyote bars have dancers in the same league, but it’s no sure thing and you’re certainly not going to save any money.

2) The experience- Look at the services the girls offer by clicking on their profile picture.  Most of them offer everything.  They’re not playing the “oh I shy” game either.  They’re giving you the very best they can.

3) The convenience -  Again, you make a phone call, hop in the shower, have a beer, and the girl of your choice is at your door with a smile.  Also great if you have a gf or wife and you want privacy.  And ideal if you just got in from the airport or are flying out the following morning.

4) The options -  The company offers some interesting combinations and packages.  IF you have a girl with you, and you get two additional girls from the service, there is no additional fee.  You just pay the girls their own fee.  So if you’re already with a hot girl who is into girls, and you bring two more in, you’re at about $300 USD total for 2 hours of heaven.  You couldn’t put together an experience like that anywhere else if you paid 10-20X that.  If these girls have into “couples, girls” in their profile it means wild things will go down on that bed.  Bring a few girls out of a Gogo and try to get them to do things with each other; it’s unlikely to go like you want it to.  The girls at this service can’t put it in their profile unless they’re really into it!

Their best package is called Deux Angels, AKA your birthday!  Here is what it includes:

2 Bangkok Escorts (24 hours) of your choice

Role Play costumes *

Hotel room [Bangkok City Center] with private jacuzzi **

Check in 12pm check out 12pm ***

Free Breakfast

Free Wi-fi

One Champagne Bottle

Airport Pick-up

That’s high roller status, and maybe the craziest thing you can do in Bangkok.  But if you actually break down the cost, it comes out to $20 USD per hour per girl and that includes everything else for free.  Again, no way in hell you can arrange something like this on your own, not with two hot anything goes and highly skilled girls.  Put something like that together in New York and it’ll cost you $20,000 USD.  So I think the 95% discount is tempting on a special occasion if you have the $.



Bangkok escorts


So let’s look at the cost analysis of going out and finding a high end girl vs. the escort service.

A) Bangkok Escorts -  5,000 baht for 2 anything goes trips around the world.

B) Bar fining the best looking dancer you can find.  This usually takes a trip to at least 2 GoGo’s to get it right as not every GoGo has a hot girl who hasn’t already been bar fined for the night. But let’s just say 300 baht for taxi’s for the night.   1,500 baht for drinks including yours, lady drinks, and tips.  800 baht for bar fine.  2,500 for the girl.  -  5,100 baht for 1 trip around the world that you hope meets expectations.  More might be spent if you and the girl go get something to eat or you give her taxi fare back, which happens more often than not.

Option A - The girls is there by the time you’re out of the shower and check your email.

Option B -  Hours and hours before you get to it.

I don’t want to knock option B; there’s a time and a place for that, which I like to call Friday.  But there’s definitely a time and a place for option A and it’s especially attractive the next morning when you wake up without a hangover.  I just like the idea of having the escort option in my rotation and I think it’s a really fun thing to do when you’re in Bangkok.

Other notes:

I have received several emails from guys headed to islands like Phi Phi who were willing to pay me a hefty sum of money for finding them a blazing hot woman to accompany them on their island getaway.  One guy didn’t know that Phi Phi didn’t have GoGo’s until he read my article on Phi Phi and he started freaking out because he already booked 5 nights there.  He had the “I’ll pay you anything” attitude.  And as much as I do consider myself an entrepreneur, I just can’t see taking hordes of money to do something I don’t have experience with.  So I pointed him in the direction of Bangkok Escorts.  There is no extra cost to take one of their girls with you.  So you pay the daily rates and you pay for their flights and they’re all yours.  Actually I was told that they’ll even give you a discount if you have the girl for a few days.

And if you’re not in Bangkok but in driving distance you just pay what amounts to the girls back and forth taxi costs.  So in Pattaya it’s an additional 2,500 baht for travel and in Hua-Hin it’s an additional 3,500.

Pictures – The profile pics are always a concern when using services like these.  In an article about my trip to the U.S. early this month, I told you that most of the girls use pictures of completely different women unless they charge $800 USD an hour.  But you get what you order with Bangkok Escorts.  And if you’re worried about a bait and switch, don’t because if you feel that the girl is different from her picture you can send her off without paying a cancellation fee.  Now obviously they’re not going to put bad pictures up of the girls; that would be silly.  And obviously they are going to put the best photos they have of the girl up on the site, it would be unreasonable to expect anything different.  But each girl has a few photos there and they are all recent photos, so you know what you’re getting.

I’m a fan of the service and I think I’ve done as thorough a review as was necessary for you guys to really know the service inside and out.


Mike is from the U.S. and has lived in Pattaya for 5 years. He left a job at a web design firm to become a traveling freelance writer/web designer. Mike has more than a decade of experience as a professional writer and as a web designer. He was married and divorced before leaving the U.S., and has vowed never to marry again. He loves Pattaya, Thailand, business, and women. Mike isn’t shy about sharing his experiences and his knowledge with anyone and everyone. He has a unique point of view that can easily be appreciated and he puts great effort into writing well thought out, helpful, and factual articles and posts. Catch up with him on Google +

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  • Navneet says:

    We need two escorts girls for 5 days in next month

  • Robert says:

    Hi…I’ve got 7 days booked with Bonnie from Bangkok escorts and looking forward to it. Maya has been nothing short of fantastic when dealing with a the bookings. She even has taken care of getting my plane tickets w/Bonnie to koh samui. I think I’m in for a fantastic time on this trip!

  • sunita says:

    Friends we had launched an adult section of classifieds in bangkok .. you can post and post your adult ads , escort ads in bangkok for Free on



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